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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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stretched across the road and a major intersection shut down overnight in almaden. a boat race out on the bay turns deadly. new details about the ongoing investigation coming up next. and a 6-year-old girl is saved from a sinking ferry in south korea. now, the search is on to find her parents. big changes coming to your weather forecast. starting today, cooler and cloudier getting into your holiday weekend. we'll warm you up and then we'll bring in rain. chance is actually looking pretty promising this morning. we'll show you where and when in your full forecast. you know where this is because of when it is. the commute kicks in and metering lights are on. why this is heavy all morning long and get you around the closures in the south bay, as well. taking you outside for a live look at san jose. sunrise there behind the mountains. really beautiful picture there. it is thursday, april 17th. this is "today in the bay."
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a very good morning to you, thank you so much for joining us i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm peggy bunker. we do have news to tell you about a deadly crash has closed an intersection that thousands of commuters use to get to work. part of the intersection of almaden and coleman has been closed for almost six hours now. police say a few more hours before it is opened. "today in the bay" bob redell is live at the crash. two people injured but we since learned one of them has died. >> we have several new pieces of information we just developed from police over the past few minutes. one alcohol they believe was involved. two, one of the drivers ran a red light. three, it was the driver who had the green, they're the ones who died. the driver of that black suburban, you can see it is resting up against that electrical pole, they died within the past hour. they were heading northbound on almaden when just after midnight
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they collided with another car, which you can't see from that vantage point is to the left in the field. a honda crv. it was heading across coleman and apparently they had a red light. that's what police are telling us that witnesses told them. they ran the red light and collided with that black suburban. as i mentioned, within the past hour it was declared the driver of the black suburban did not survive. the driver of the crv is in critical condition, not clear if they're in life threatening condition, as well. the san jose police department has acted their traffic accident death investigation team. going to take a little bit more time to clear this, this scene because of the fatality. they're telling us now it could be a few more hours. the entire intersection is not shut down. northbound almaden is closed in that direction, but you can still cut through here in the south direction if you're trying to cross on coleman, though, it is going to be difficult because they do have that part shut
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down. mike inouye updating us. alcohol appears was involved. one person is dead and one person in serious condition. reporting live here in south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> terrible situation there. thank you, bob, so much. that is a thoroughfare for so many people in the south bay. want to check in with mike inouye, major intersection. >> you can see one of the vehicles involved and the other one we showed at the pole. both vehicles are still there because it is a dpedly crash scene. the investigation continues. these typically take an hour to an hour and a half. once it begins and crews are there. we expect this closure to 7:00 and we will track that. that will affect surface street traffic. this is the south bay and we'll talk about the slowing in just a second, but right now most of the freeways. highway 85 and 87 right here at the top of your screen moving slowly. almaden expressway northbound
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heading and the southbound side away from 85 is open. coleman road is also closed. alternate to coleman is hill. and that will take you north from coleman over to blossom hill road. meridian is over on the west and that will also take you up past the scene and routed around those surface streets. the traffic will start to build now as they approach the 7:00 hour. right now, light traffic flows throughout the surface streets and just the top of your screen there northbound 101 from 680 to 880. that is the only part that shows real slowing. we'll track this as it affects your day. rest of the bay moves smoothly and dublin not a big deal. the crash cleared over at greenville from the roadway should let more folks over towards the dublin interchange but not presenting any real slowing right now. 880 through oakland and a little slowing, as well as interstate 80 at the curve and metering lights are on and there's your map showing the area and that's where things are slow into the
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city and from now through midday we'll see traffic backing up at the toll plaza. looking for that sweep and also looking for traffic getting into the city and congestion around at&t park. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. a developing story now where investigators are heading back to a redwood city marina to look into the cause of a deadly sail boat crash. one person was killed when the 42-foot sail boat hit a buoy during a race sponsored by the sequoia yacht club in redwood city. that is where "today in the bay" christie smith joins us live with the very latest. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura. you know, this was supposed to be a fun, casual race and it has ended in tragedy. the yacht involved, that is it right there, is named the bella. five crew members were onboard taking part in this race. if you look closely, you can see that the mast has snapped completely off. that killed one sailor onboard. this morning a 42-foot sail boat
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is docked. it was around 7:00 last night, the coast guard said it collided with buoy and became entangled by the guide wires and that's when the mast broke off. other boats out there tried to help out, but, apparently, had trouble reaching the "bella" because of shallow water. a usgs boat nearby tried to help the injured. one died, two injured and the others onboard able to free the boat and get it back to the dock where it is this morning. apparently, this is a casual regatta that they hold weekly and haven't had any problems before. so far the names of the victims have not been released. we're told that redwood city is the lead agency on this and they're expected to release a little more information later today. reporting live in redwood city, christie smith, "today in the bay." also happening now at 6:06, crews are trying to get to the sunken ferry to search for survivors off the coast of south korea. they have not been able to get
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to the ship since it went down yesterday. remarkable 287 people are still missing. crews cannot get to the area because of strong currents, rain and bad visibility. most of the passengers onboard that boat were high school students. nine people, including five students and two teachers are now confirmed dead. crew members say the captain didn't order an evacuation until half an hour after the ferry began to tilt. he and other crew members were trying to right the ship at first. the captain d escape unharmed. and a 6-year-old girl who was among the nearly 200 people rescued yesterday is still recovering this morning. you see her here. she was separated from her family when the ship started to sink her parents and brother are among the 300 people still missing. many people tried connecting with missing relatives and many are using social media to do so. new this morning a deadly attack in ukraine. the government says a crowd of 300 men armed with molotov
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cocktails attacked the national base in black seaport city overnight. three pro-russian militants are dead, 13 others injured. at least 63 people are under arrest. now, this latest violence comes as secretary of state john kerry tries to defuse the unrest during the talks in geneva. kerry is meeting with diplomats from ukraine, russia and the european union. the u.s. is getting ready to punish russia, which it blames for stirring up the unrest in ukraine. meanwhile, all that said, however on a conference call this morning, russian president vladimir putin says he does hope he does not have to send russian troops into ukraine. during the call edward snowden a asked putin and putin says russia does not carry out mass collections of citizen's data. in san jose firefighters will search through the rubble of our old studio after search dogs may have found remains.
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the burned beams were actually broken down earlier this week. a homeless man who lived in the building said at one point more than 40 people lived in that abandoned building. yesterday a homeless man was arrested on suspicion of starting that fire. early this morning, sheriff deputies in santa barbara county lifted evacuation orders allowing hundreds of people to return home. the orders were first issued about 3:30 yesterday afternoon when this old military ordinance was found in the city's business district. that's close to 700 homes and businesses. they were all evacuated, including several hotels. air force ordinance disposal unit was called in to help deal with this item. there's no word yet on how exactly it ended up in the area. solvang is a coast near the pacific coast between santa maria and santa barbara. >> great butter cookies there, let me tell you. time to take a look at the forecast this morning. taking a beautiful, live look outside. bay bridge. sun coming up there in the
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distance, could be a nice day. day game, at&t park today against the dodgers. going to be a nice one? >> beautiful, beautiful. and it's a great, great advantage that we have because it's a home game, we'll get winds that our boys are used to. north, northwest wind tends to pick up the ball and carry it out towards mccovey cove and our giants know all about that. that will be the case for today. look for that. watching that game on our sister station temperature this morning are mostly in the 40s and 50s, coast is clear this morning. same over the bay, little hazy here. we're going to have to wait for that sun to come up here in emo emor emoryville. grab a coat for this morning and something you can peel off later. mostly clear start to the day and a few areas of patchy fog and those ragged patches of fog that you can see clinging to the coastline and that will be the case for today. abundant sunshine. so nice for your outdoor plans.
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comfortable evening coming your way and temperatures in the mid-70s for today. cooler than yesterday. and then we are going to bring your numbers way up for easter sunday before we bring in some rain. we'll talk all about that in my next report right now, back to you, laura and peggy. >> thanks, christina. time right now 6:11 on your thursday morning. still ahead on "today in the bay" moment of impact. our first look at the chaos at a california restaurant after a fire truck slams right through the wall. plus a wayward sea lion ends up in the middle of an almond orchard in modesto. new details as investigators try to figure out how it got so far inland. now, taking you to santa clara and looking at levi's stadium. traffic out there this morning nice sunrise behind it. we'll be right back. got a story for nbc bay area investigative unit? call the tipline at 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail us at theunit@nbcb
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welcome back now, taking a live look at mccovey cove this morning. a few ripples out there on the san francisco bay but overall a gorgeous day coming your way. a day game right there at at&t park. we'll have the forecast for that. we'll tell you how wind could force a splash down right there at mccovey cove. that's coming up in moments. >> i love that shot at at&t park. we're looking over here, the home of traffic. high rise for the san mateo privilege. moves smoothly approaching the peninsula and a new crash affecting 880 over in the east bay and, of course, still has an intersection that is mostly closed over there in the south bay. >> thanks a lot, mike and christina. here's a look at today's top stories. redwood city police trying to figure out what led to a deadly boat crash. one person killed and two others
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hurt when their 42-foot yacht hit a buoy during their weekly race last night. we're told the boat somehow became entangled with the parker and the mast actually snapped killing the sailor. investigators in san jose told us in the last half hour it appears alcohol played a role in a deadly crash overnight, this happened in almaden valley neighborhood. one was killed and another seriously hurt. right now almaden expressway near coleman road is still shut down. edward snowden questioned vladimir putin on live tv today speaking via video link. snowden asked putin about mass surveillance in the country. putin replied by saying russia does not carry out mass surveillance on its population and its intelligence auleration was strictly regulated by court orders. happening now, today could be the final day that planes and ships will search the surface of the indian ocean for any sign of that missing malaysian airlines jet. the mission will be to cover a
6:16 am
near 16,000 square mile patch of sea off the coast of perth, australia. that submarine right there bluefin-21 completed its first 16-hour scan of the seabed searching for any kind of wreckage from flight 370. this after the sub's first two missions were cut short because of technical reasons. an oil slick found in the search area is being analyzed. new video to show you this morning that shows just how intense the flames are for firefighters attacking widespread wildfires in chile. this video taken by firefighters wearing helmet cameras. at least 15 people have died in the fire, 2,000 homes are set to be completely destroyed. firefighters say it could take three weeks just to put out all the fires. emergency officials in tennessee say there were about 20 employees inside a plant when an explosion blew out the walls and a huge part of the roof. take a look at the damage here.
6:17 am
you can see how extreme this was. one person there was killed and three were hurt in the afternoon blast. now, federal officials say the explosion was in an area where several ammunition and explosive businesses are based. they're still trying to determine exactly what happened. 6:17. one year ago today a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant nearly leveled the small town of west, texas. that blast killed 15 people including a dozen firefighters who had responded to initial fire at the plant. 200 were hurt and debris was scattered for miles in all directions. the entire town will observe a moment of silence for the victims and officials are expected to talk about how west is still recovering. people there say it will never be the same and still struggling to create what they call a new normal. take a look at this, a fire truck came crashing into los angeles restaurant hurting several people. you can see the truck sticking out of the rest want wall. several people were rushed out of the rubble on gurneys. two fire trucks were on their
6:18 am
way to a call when they collided. also take a look at this new video that shows the chaotic scene from inside the restaurant. this is the moment after impact. someone took out their iphone and filmed this. the film was taken by the restaurant owner just seconds after the accident. 14 people were hurt, including a number of firefighters in that incident. well, 6:18 right now. time to check the forecast. live look outside san jose there on your left and san francisco little hazy there to start the day. city by the bay. check in with christina and she has a look at our forecast for today. >> we hit that sweet stride and we're going to keep it going. and the great news is, we're still tracking chances for rain. we're not done just yet. so, you might be doing your spring cleaning this weekend, don't bury that umbrella, not just yet. temperatures this morning are pretty chilly in the 40s and 50s and you can see this layer of haze. i want to show you this picture of san jose because we don't have that air quality, although it may appear that way. good to moderate range all
6:19 am
across the bay area and helpful wind moving through the bay area kind of mixing up our atmosphere over the past couple days. as a result, we're still in the good to moderate air quality range. now, the one caveat, all that wind also stirs up the pollen levels. so, if you do suffer from allergies, we'll see the levels creep up this weekend and good idea to keep that medicine by your side. 73 for the peninsula and 78 degrees, what a comfortable day in the east bay. so, temperatures will be noticeably cooler by a couple degrees, but, overall, warm you right back up as we head into easter weekend. so, two very different sides to the weekend. cool and cloudy on saturday at the coast, meanwhile, 72 degrees saturday here in san jose and then by the end of the weekend, easter sunday, looks great. the temperatures will be warm. we're expecting a couple 80s out there, as well. heading out and about this morning, looks really good. no fog to show you. make out alcatraz and beautiful start here and see if we have any impact on your drive. no weather impact but a couple
6:20 am
things happening out there. good morning to mike. >> good morning, christina. beautiful weather factor in today's commute and talk about that in a second. right here talking about the south bay and light build here and the south bay overall get the kid away from the screen for a second because i have a crash to tell you about. reminder spring break, folks in this area might not have it anyway. this is the crash, i want to make sure the kids were looking. this is a smashed up suburban and another car down the gully and robert just sent me a message saying three hours, local pd thinks three hours until the intersection of almaden expressway and coleman reopened. the southbound side is closed. we'll show you on the map where that is and that means you'll have to take, you'll have to take northbound side and alternate because that is closed and so is coleman road. take you up towards 85 and 87. meridian on the left side of the screen. again, the leftbound side open
6:21 am
and that is possibly another three hours. crash southbound 880 right here that is partially blocked in one lane and reports that a car spun out and smacked into another car and no major injuries reported. meanwhile, we see the slow down starting to build out of hayward and union city. tri-valley west 580 and south 680 not a major problem coming out of livermore, a lighter volume. we see that throughout this month because of spring breaks rotating around the bay. peninsula side no issues, no problems getting over there for the dumbarton bridge. we have a relatively light backup over here. back to you. >> thanks a lot. sea lion pup is safe with an annual rescue group this morning after the sea lion was centered in an almond orchard. >> look at hoppy because he was actually hopping around the orchard when ranch hands first spotted him. they were probably pretty shocked. wildlife officials said when they finally coaxed him into a cage, he was so tired, he fell
6:22 am
right asleep. the orchard located near modesto and so far how he got there is a mystery. he is now recovering at the marine mammal center in sausali sausalito. he was a little malnourished and banged up but should make a full recovery. when he does, they hope to return him to the wild. >> little guy obviously lost there. super cute, though. still ahead on "today in the bay" "mrs. doubtfire" part two. plus, a sizzling smell returns to one san francisco neighborhood. we'll tell you when the restaurant will reopen.
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bacon lovers get ready. san francisco's bacon, bacon is back. the small cafe will open on monday. last year the restaurant made national headlines after neighbors complained about the porky odor invading their homes. some people don't like the smell of bacon. the owner said he made peace with the neighbors. as for the smell, angela has installed a new exhaust system to deodorize the air. our producer is saying, bacon every morning. >> some people love it. been more than 20 years since robin williams was in san francisco wearing a wig, dancing with the vacuum, but it could happen again soon. >> "mrs. doubtfire." working on a sequel.
6:26 am
robin williams will reunite with the christopher columbus. best actor in a movie, comedy or musical. >> it was set in san francisco, but so far actually no word on whether the sequel will be set there, as well. >> that was a good movie. very cute and a great role for him for sure. north bay hillside is getting the title of most viewed picture in the world. >> all right, so, let's take a look at this. the picture of this grassy hill microsoft wallpaper for people using windows xp since 2001. it has been viewed about 1 billion times. if you want to see the real thing, the picture was taken in sonoma county along highway 121. >> the only thing that is missing is like a happy cow. 6:26 right now. still ahead, we'll tell you which silicon valley executive
6:27 am
got the boot and walked away with $58 million. not a bad deal, right? also a mob of protesters armed with molotov cocktails. a live report on the continuing situation there that always is changing, it seems, moment to moment. we'll let you know what the latest is. taking you back to the north bay this morning along san rapharaf rafa rafael. the sun is up and christina has a look at the forecast and maybe for the weekend, too. [ mom ] hi, we're the pearsons, and we love chex cereal.
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6:30 am
jose. the investigation continues and now the full intersection is closed. it affects two major south bay roadways, coming up. futures are a little lower this morning. the dow posting its best three-day win streak in six months. the last day of trading. markets close for good friday tomorrow, but it is thursday, april 17th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you, straight up 6:30. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. coleman road at almaden expressway shut down. closed at least until 9:00 this morning. two cars collided. you see the damage there. it all happened shortly after midnight. still no word on exactly what caused that crash. in the meantime, a boat race turned deadly off the coast of redwood city. five people onboard the 42-foot
6:31 am
catamaran when the boat ran into a buoy. one person is dead and another injured. live reports on both of these stories coming up in just about 15 minutes. new this morning, a deadly attack in ukraine as 300 people storm a national guard base armed with molotov cocktails. tracie potts is monitoring this situation live from washington, d.c. this morning. tracie, the new violence comes as secretary of state john kerry tries to defuse this escalating situation. >> exactly. those meetings going on this morning. we have reports that three people were killed, 13 injured and dozens were detained after some pro-russian militants tried to storm a military base and they were turned back by ukrainian forces. it is the latest violence as secretary of state john kerry tries to deal with this situation in geneva today meetings are going on between the russians, the ukrainians and the europeans and the united
6:32 am
states. they should be wrapping up shortly when we expect to get an update on whether they came up with anything to try to end this violence. meantime, in russia, a new revelation from russian president vladimir putin. he admitted on national tv that he did actually send russian soldiers into crimea when it was said that initially those were local militants. they were local soldiers and, interestingly, in that televised call in he got a question from edward snowden. snowden wanted to know if the russians spy on their people, like he says americans, the u.s. government spies on americans. >> that was quite the interesting development this morning. absolutely. but the bigger question what has men maybe many americans concerned jumping in to help out ukraine. >> no one is really calling for that right now, although john mccain has said we should get involved in military exercises. he talked about that.
6:33 am
nato is beefing up some of its missions around the area in case russia decides to invade, but no real call here in washington for a large-scale military action. frankly, what we're seeing in poll after poll in afghanistan and iraq, they don't want to get involved in that. it's 6:33 right now. we want to check the forecast for you this morning before you head out the door, if that's where you're headed. walk the dog, live look outside at san jose. a nice start to our day. want to check in with christina now, she has a look at our forecast. beautiful. >> it really is nice out there. we have a couple cameras to show you in san jose. here we are in downtown looking really pretty. same clear sky overhead and show you all the various microclimates across the bay area. gorgeous sunrise this morning. in about ten minutes it will be up over the bay area completely. we're looking really good in san francisco. you can actually see for about five to ten miles, depending on
6:34 am
how high up you are in the city today. all the way beyond that golden gate bridge and highly visible this morning and nice, clear start to the day courtesy of the wind that picked up yesterday. we'll see a repeat performance for today. although a touch cooler. weak disturbance closer to the bay area will drop our temperatures for today. 65 in san francisco and 75 degrees in the south bay. so, let's take you through your easter weekend. a lot going on around here. tomorrow, you'll notice on your seven-day forecast for your friday, temperatures drop off even more so. as we get into your saturday, we start to climb back up and the peninsula is looking good. 70 degrees on saturday and there is an event happening on saturday in los altos. a free spring easter egg hunt and a good time out there. it starts at 10:00 a.m. sharp, which means you want to get out there early, if you can. held at hillview soccer field. good time out there. make sure you bring the sunscreen and the bonnets will serve a purpose this year.
6:35 am
by sunday, temperatures are going to be comfortable in campbell. big parade out there. the easter bunny will be there, as will i. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike on that traffic alert. >> good morning for most of your freeways, but this is a horrible scene right here in south san jose. looking at basically the intersection just off the intersection. almaden expressway at coleman road. bob has been reporting live from that scene. the report is that both secti directions are now closed. another vehicle down the gully to the left. more to check out here. this may continue until 9:00 a.m. it's located on your maps for you. you see that severe scene there. freeways not affected by this, but getting to the freeways at the bottom of your screen may be an issue. highway 85 and north through that area and that is, again, closed at that intersection and coleman traveling east and west through the area is also closed.
6:36 am
so, between santa theresa and meridian to get across that area and traveling north, you'll use meridian or camden but that might be a straighter shot heading up towards highway 85, as well. a huge flow of traffic. again, you'll have that reroute and take note. meanwhile on the east bay, southbound 880 moves smoothly. a light volume of traffic there as well as the other side of the bay, no problems heading towards san francisco or oakland but coming out of oakland a crash reported just past the toll plaza itself. there's slowing that registers. look at that live shot there, though. we don't see any problems xwept for the cash lanes at the bottom of your screen. the ones to the left as you approach. and they were starting to recede as far as the backup and backing up a bit and sounds like that crash was in one of the cash lanes. the affect on the bridge? none. we'll send it back to you.
6:37 am
yahoo! ceo marissa mayer trying to persuade google to ditch apple and turn to yahoo! instead. mayer has support for high-level apple execs including the head there. pays $1 billion per year to drive traffic to its search results. well, you know, wouldn't it be nice to get 1 million bucks after you get fired or maybe even $10 million or maybe even $60 million. lucky for a former yahoo! executive, he'll get $58 million. >> that will take the sting away. only on the job for 15 months before he wasceo marissa mayer in january. most of its severance package came from the cost of trying to lure him away from his previous job at google. $58 million to go away. >> shocking, yeah. . incredible number there. 6:37 right now. still ahead, millions of gallons of water just down the drain in
6:38 am
oregon for a really ridiculous reason. this guy here decides to relieve himself in a reservoir. the surveillance video explains it all. we'll show it to you coming up.
6:39 am
6:40 am
welcome back, 6:40 right now. san francisco police are gearing up for a massive crowd this sunday. >> 15,000 people are expected to attend the 420 event at golden
6:41 am
gate park. this is youtube video from last year's 420. look at all the people out there. police say it was pretty calm until everyone came into the, making arrests for open containers and drug sales. officials in portland, oregon, draining millions of gallons of drinking water that was contaminated by urine. >> well, because of this, take a look at what security cameras caught at the reservoir. caught this 19-year-old urinating into the water through an iron fence. minutes later two men tried to jump the fence. three was arrested for trespassing. this is not the first time that portland reservoir there has had to be drained because of contamination. the city is now working on a plan to move all the reservoirs underground. but all of that water gone. >> what a waste. it's 6:41. an update to wrbreaking news in san jose. a driver clinging to life in
6:42 am
almaden. a race on the bay turned deadly. what exactly went wrong. that's coming up next. we have a mostly clear start to the day, but showers in the forecast. we'll tell you when when "today in the bay" comes right back. ♪ hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents? so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop.
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let's get you updated on our top stories. right now almaden expressway is shut down in both directions near coleman road following a deadly overnight crash. one driver was killed and another is in the hospital this morning. we're told that alcohol is a factor. one person is dead, two others are hurt after a boat crash on the bay near redwood city. the crash happened near a race sponsored by the sequoia yacht club. today investigators will dig for possible human remains at
6:45 am
the former kntv studios in san jose. that building burned down in a massive fire on sunday. we'll go in depth on all these stories in just a few moments. right now, it is time to talk some baseball. giants baseball. right now all is quiet at at&t park but that will change this afternoon as they go for a sweep of the rival dodgers. it is early in the season, but the giants are now in first place in the division after beating l.a. 2-1 last night. 12:45 at at&t park and the brooms are out, let's sweep them. amy gutierrez joins us in the giants dugout with more. >> good morning, i'm amy gutierrez coming to you from at&t park. they have won three in a row and today they go for a sweep over the dodgers. today they hand the ball over to bumgardner. he will look to keep things rolling against the dodgers. i don't think madison would mind working with a few runs. who needs to get hot on the
6:46 am
giants? pablo sandoval. enters today's game hittin hitting .186. last night the game-winning rbi and skipper bruce boche quick to remind everyone that he is hitting better than his numbers show. it is get away day today. after the game, the giants head to san diego and then on to colorado where they will play a three-game series in each city. that's your giants update for "today in the bay." >> again, the giants will try to sweep the dodgers today at at&t park. first pitch 12:45 this afternoon. looking forward to that, happening today, as well, a new piece of the levi's stadium rolled into place and good-looking grass. this is a look at the new 49ers this morning. that new grassy turf rolled out today. the lawn that we all dream of. fresh sod being delivered by truck. this happened within the past 15
6:47 am
minutes. it's called the ban dera bermuda sod and grown in livingston. here's the interesting part, the niners said they chose this specific grass to help the avoid injury. if a player plants his cleat in that grass, the grass holds together. let's take you back live inside the stadium and you can see where the construction is moving along, set to open up here in just a few months. >> it is hard to believe. boy, they have done so much work on that stadium. i want that grass for my front yard. some of the young gentlemen that are part of those families. >> we were talking about how there are always those family wheres all the sons are good looking. can you relate? did you know any of those families growing up? >> oh, yeah. the cousins typically attractive, as well. 6:47. whether you're getting your day started or maybe winding down from last night, temperatures this morning are chilly.
6:48 am
i can tell you right now that kind of weather that makes you want to sleep because it's nice and comfortable out there. and, yeah, kind of cold out in the north bay, otherwise, we're looking good. san jose nice and clear this morning. want to show you what to expect at at&t park later on today as we take on the dodgers for the first time. first pitch at 12:45. wind will likely play a factor and could pick up that ball and carry it right out towards mccovey cove. that's what you want to watch for if you're checking out that game on our sister network comcast sports net bay area. by the end of the game 65 degrees, little breezy out there. if you're headed out there, make sure you bring a coat with you. temperatures end in the mid-70s. thank you for waking up with us. maybe you have family coming into town, what a treat we're in store for this easter sunday. we'll drop you off a touch for tomorrow and then as we head into saturday and sunday, two very sides to the weekend. low 70s on saturday in san jose
6:49 am
and then monday staying nice and fair with temperatures in the mid-70s and watch what happens. we've got some rain moving into the bay area. so, after we get through this weekend for the second half of monday, we'll see the clouds really starting to increase and these gorgeous temperatures that we're going to enjoy, they will drop like a rock. best chance for rain looks late tuesday into wednesday and show you computer mauodels at this point will agree with this forecast. keep you updated. let's check on the traffic alert, here's mike in l.a. >> actually, right now, we'll cover the breaking news, we'll get to mike in just a moment. it will be just a few more hours before a major intersection in the south bay is open, again. a deadly crash overnight shut down the entire intersection of almaden expressway and coleman. this is near almaden lake. "today in the bay" bob redell just spoke with investigators on the scene and joins us live now with new information. bob? >> good morning to you, laura. this accident is a fatality. the driver of that black
6:50 am
suburban, which you can see up against the power pole there died about an hour and a half ago. he, a man in his 40s collided with another driver whose car is to the left of that scene. you can't see it right now because the sun is back lighting it too much, but that driver, both drivers collide into this intersection just after midnight. police believe that alcohol was involved. the driver of the honda crv that you cannot see, the other car i was mentioning, apparently, according to police, ran the red light and collided with the driver of the black suburban killing the driver of the black suburban who police did believe had the green light. the driver of the honda crv is in very bad shape, as well. though, it does not appear the injuries are life threatening. they have not been able to interview this driver because they have been in surgery and now icu. they believe alcohol was involved. as a result, this entire intersection is shut down. just a partial shut down until
6:51 am
about 45 minutes ago because the investigation is still serious, they needed to shut down the entire intersection. they were saying it's probably not going to reopen until 9:00, which will be well into the morning commute. so, again, alcohol involved, according to police after a driver runs a red light and collides with another driver who had the green killing that driver. reporting live in south san jose, bob redell "today in the bay." >> shows how quickly things can happen. thanks, bob. >> that is a really busy intersection maybe if you're waking up and live in almaden valley, that will really affect your morning commute. let's bring in mike and show you what is going to happen in this major intersection. >> approaching the bulk of the traffic through the surface streets. san jose school district off all week. folks heading into work still has to get to the freeway. freeways themselves moving very smoothly. take a little bit of extra time and extra care. this is where bob redell is located.
6:52 am
almaden expressway and coleman road, that's the intersection that is closed. your alternate to coleman is blossom hill, just a little bit to the north and folks know about that. traveling up towards highway 85 and santa theresa boulevard, you probably took that anyway. over here to the west, you can use camden avenue or meridian getting out of the valley and completely avoid the scene. good roadways that will keep you well clear of this investigation. bob things that will be closed possibly until 3:00. the rest of your south bay freeway move very smoothly and over here the tri-valley move nicely, as well. light build for 580 westbound and 680 shows us slowing down and in towards sunol. look at the map for the rest of the bay. no major problems, a little build for southbound 880 and earlier crash kind of stirred things up just as you're traveling south out of hayward and union city. nothing dramatic and that portion of the nimts freeway.
6:53 am
the peninsula side moves smoothly, as well. three key spots to show you. you see that accident at the bay bridge toll plaza and fender bender here and they're out of lane and there's the backup for all your lanes as the sun's coming up. no problem through the maze or oakland approaching that area. look at that light volume of traffic past the oakland coliseum and other side of the bay, palo alto and the big issue here traveling southbound 101, that's about it. no major problems over here. reminder at the bay bridge toll plaza, folks are heading into the city for the giants game at 12:45. back to you. now to a developing story in redwood city where investigators are piecing together the chain of events after a deadly sail boat crash. one person was killed when a and "today in the bay" christie smith joining us and it sounds like a regatta, christie, they
6:54 am
had quite regularly. >> good morning. we are told they have it every week. a very casual race. redwood city police are actually the lead investigator in this and they are expected to release more information later today. this is a yacht that was involved in the accident "the bella." that's what it's named. you can see the mast is gone and it was damaged in this accident. here's what the coast guard is telling us what happened. that the 40-foot catalina sailboat collided outside of redwood city just around 7:00 last night and some of the guide wires became entangled and that's what led to the accident. other boats in the area, apparently, had trouble reaching this one because it was shallow water and it was taking part in a casual race that was put on by the sequoia yacht club. it just so happened that a usgs boat and was able to assist the injured onboard. one person died and another
6:55 am
injured on this. five people onboard at the time and the three not hurt were able to get that boat back out where it was stuck from and it is back here this morning. in fact, redwood city police do have an officer stationed out here this morning and we are told that officers may come back out here little bit later today. reporting live in redwood city, christie smith, "today in the bay." firefighters in san francisco say it could take days to pinpoint the cause of a deadly fire in the city's visitation valley neighborhood. cell phone video showing the flames just shooting through a window and a roof as the sun sunnydale public housing development. firefighters found a 32-year-old woman dead inside. her 3-year-old son was rushed to the hospital where he also died a short time later. the building was built in the 1940s and people who lived there said it is in poor condition. later this morning, crews will be back out to what is left of our former television studio, the kntv studios here in san
6:56 am
jose. they will look for bodies as cadaver dogs were brought in to find any human remains in the rubble. the building caught fire on sunday and burned beams. a homeless man who lived in the building said at one point more than 40 people lived in that abandoned building. yesterday, one of those homeless men was arrested on suspicion of starting the fire. more details today on the tragic tour bus crash involving dozens of southern california high school students. exactly one week ago a fedex truck veered over the grassy divide slamming into a tour bus full of teenagers leading to a fiery explosion. ten people died, dozens of others were injured. the chp will hold a news conference today to talk about the investigation into that crash. it is also expected to release 911 recordings from that day. this morning, future changes in northern california airports have many concerned. the faa will change flight paths and they could be rerouted above your neighborhood.
6:57 am
this past week people have been voicing their concerns to the faa and concerns about the noise level from the planes above and after doing thousands of studies a spokesperson for the faa says otherwise. >> after doing the noise modeling the conclusion was that there will be no reportable or significant increase in noise anywhere in the project area. >> now, if you are still concerned or want more information about these new flight paths two public forums taking place this week. tomorrow morning another one will take place at 10:00 at the san francisco federal building. 6:57. new this morning a deadly attack in ukraine. the government says the crowd of 300 men armed with molotov cocktails attacked the national guard base in a black seaport city overnight. three pro-russian militants are dead. 13 others are injured. at least 63 people are under arrest. now, this latest violence comes as secretary of state john kerry tried to defuse the unrest
6:58 am
during talks in geneva. meeting with diplomats from ukrai ukraine, russia and the european union. impose a new round of sanctions to punish russia which it blames for stirring up the unrest in ukraine. time now 6:58. one final check of the day's top international stories. nsa leaker edward snowden called entoa live televised question and answer session with vladimir putin and asked if moscow conducted mass spying. tests show an oil slick found in the search for the missing malaysian airlines flight is not related to the missing plane. meanwhile, data collected by a robotic submarine is still being analyzed. a u.s. ship and several aircraft are helping rescuers look for any survivors after a ferry sunk near the south korea border. nine people died and hundreds are still missing, but bad weather is keeping crews from getting too close to the wr wreckage this morning. a peek outside this morning
6:59 am
starting your day overlooking san francisco. >> nice. >> want to check in with christina, she has a look at the forecast for us. >> hey, good morning to you. thursday, so close to that weekend now and temperatures are going to be really nice. right now in the 50s, not too cold out there. little hazy, little bit of patchy fog at the immediate coast, otherwise we're looking good. temps in the 70s for today. so, it's geeg oing to be a litt bit cooler but looking good for a weekend warm up and rain moves in next week. don't worry if you missed your seven-day forecast. i'll have it for you throughout "today" show. >> this is a deadly crash investigation, which is continuing here. i'll step into your shot here. one of the vehicles involved here is the team taking photographs and taking measurements closing as we look at the map. almaden expressway at coleman road. this closure will last until possibly 9:00 a.m. and use camden avenue as your alternate. the rest of your south bay freeways gentle build and
7:00 am
traffic around the rest of the bay, nothing really unusual. back to you. back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> don't forget to join us for bay area local news at 11:00. have a great day. [ music playing ] . good morning, the first, the u.s. joins the survivors of the ferry disaster in korea as relearn heart messages that were sent as the ship was sinking. the first in the under water search for malaysia 370. whether to end the key phase of the nearly six week old operation. no joke. pranksters saved a kid naping at a park as horrified bystanders look on. why the men behind that plane are not laughing this morning. and president and vice presidents. they're just like us.


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